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Start Your Career Here With Us


At GTCC we are always look for experienced and qualified team players to work with us. These fall under any of the following three  categories:

  • We hire Employees (both full-time and part-time)
  • We hire Associates
  • We recruit Volunteers

If you are looking for any of the above opportunities, please fill in your details and submit your resume on the form on the right. After you have filled in your names and e-mail address, please upload your resume. You may optionally upload your cover letter.

It is important to note that we hire or recruit based only on high levels of knowledge, skills and competence in the subject matter area for which you are being considered. So, do not hesitate to submit your resume based on any other factors. We are an equal opportunity employer. What we consider in our hiring process is proven high level of expertise and competence in subject matter area.

We also recruit a good number of volunteers who have the energy, enthusiasm, inclination to learn fast, and otherwise a fit for the company but lacks the required expertise and competence useful to the company. In most cases these volunteer positions are for Co-op Students, Internships, Job Shadowing by Newcomers and Transitional Employees, Mentorship for prospective EIT/P.Eng. applicants and so on. Volunteer positions are only for a short and limited period of time to evaluate the candidates’ quick learning ability and fitness within the organization. High performing volunteers may be considered for employment positions.

Please also note, that because of the very high number of resumes we receive, it is impossible to acknowledge each submission individually. Please do not call us after resume submission. We will contact you as soon as we have determined that your background matches our needs.

Where there is an asterix noted “ * ” that information must be completely filled out.

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